Frustrated by waste and alarmed by the realisation that her hard earned organic harvest was being contaminated by the toxins present in food films, Mel set out to prove to herself more than anybody that her idea would work. And so began 2 years of prototyping until the product in hand was considered a success. Success which was defined by its ability to effectively wrap, seal AND bake, completely replacing the need for any other type of single use food film.

Launched with an extremely successful crowdfunding campaign, it was people power, a fast growing demographic of conscientious and discerning customers who wanted environmentally friendly options and demanded transparency. It was those people, the mothers, bakers, cooks and caterers that rocketed Agreena from a home based concept into a multinational brand. Agreena truly has answered the public's desire for safe, easy to use options to address our escalating landfill issue.

The Agreena 3in1 Wrap's point of difference is its multi use appeal as well as the independent recycling program, safe accreditations and ethical manufacturing. Positive and accessible solutions for all is much needed in these times of climate crisis and this grassroots Aussie innovation empowers all who use it.