Amber Drop Honey

This business started as a bit of an accident. We intended to help the bees by having one or two hives in our backyard after finding out that their numbers were declining. However, that plan changed when we ended up being the proud keepers of 34 hives within our first four months of rescuing colonies. We then started selling honey and donating 5% of all our gross sales to Save the Bees Australia to help raise awareness. We now have about 300 colonies and growing, have rescued dozens of colonies which produce delicious honey, and Amber Drop Honey is our full-time occupation.

We depend on bees for our food security, and we feel that it is impossible to learn about bees without wanting to protect them. A hive is an incredible organism that reacts to the environment, and if the bees are having problems, it means our environment is also struggling. Protecting or helping bees means caring for our ecosystems, reducing the use of chemicals in agriculture, reducing deforestation and reigniting that connection that we should have with nature and its wonders. By educating both children and adults, we hope to encourage that connection so that people take the right actions (whether with their wallet, with their vote or by sharing information).