Kerrie and David Sharpley founded AusPen 20 years ago. Noticing whiteboard markers, often cap-less and furry tipped; on desks and in bins at their children’s school, they realised there had to be a better solution. They thought of the problems existing with the common whiteboard marker. Invested in extensive research and product development, and then AusPen was created: a whiteboard marker that promised quality, longevity, sustainability and vibrance.

AusPens are designed to be kept forever. They are the ultimate classroom tool for combatting unnecessary waste. Imagine what the world would look like if every whiteboard marker was refillable. Schools and institutions would spend a lot less on stationery and while having a much lower impact on landfill. Understanding this, the AusPen mission is to encourage as many schools, institutions and individuals to make the switch as we can. As a Japanese Philosopher Ruiki Sakamoto once said: Alone we are just one drop, but together we are an ocean. Meaning that the first step toward change is getting together and making one.

Our products are designed to last forever – and they do – so we are addressing climate change by helping people minimise their waste, and raising awareness about the environment using our marketing and educational material.