Bees Business

Bees Business was founded in 2009, to develop a website that could provide free information to the community, about Australian native bees. The website hosts Megan’s research papers and dissertations but also contains a variety of resources such as planting guides, “how to” guides, educational posters and brochures, booklets and links to other sources of information.

Since her first introduction to bees, Megan has accumulated a wealth of information about the beauty and importance of our Australian native bees. Native bees have coevolved with our unique native flora and are the best pollinators for those plants. Native bees drive biodiversity and are essential ecosystem service providers.

Bees Business provides free, downloadable information about how to support and encourage native bees into your environment. Bees Business also conducts seminars and workshops (for a fee) on native bees and welcomes enquiries from community groups who may wish to host an event.