Bhumi is a celebration of the Earth and how we can change practices and transparency in the textile industry in a positive way, with powerful tangible impacts both environmentally and socially. An abundant travel itinerary filled with experiences on what really goes on behind the scenes in the textile industry, combined with a consciousness around our sustainable existence on this planet are some of the main driving forces behind Bhumi.

Bhumi is a brand built on absolute consideration not only of the planet, but also for the farmers and workers on the production line. Every product we offer to our customers … has to tick two fundamental boxes: it needs to be good for the planet and it needs to be good for the people (who make it and consume it).

Bhumi means “earth” in Sanskrit and all of our products are ethically made in Fairtrade factories using premium organically grown cotton, NO harmful pesticides, NO toxic dyes, NO child labour & NET ZERO carbon emissions.

Our range includes Bedding, Bath & Basics and one can rest easy knowing every Bhumi purchase has a positive environmental & social impact (measured & tracked by a 3rd party).

Every Bhumi purchase has a positive environmental impact, particularly on climate change.

The numbers below show the impact of choosing certified organic cotton over conventional (non-organic) cotton since 2015 (verified by independent 3rd party).

  • 913,819 km of driving emissions avoided
  • 10,261,444 days of drinking water saved
  • 432,227 m2 of land farmed without pesticides.

Additionally, We're 100% Carbon Neutral (verified by independent 3rd party). By shopping our carbon neutral products, you’re investing in projects that promise stronger communities, cleaner skies and a greener Earth! Every customer receives a Carbon Offset certificate upon their purchase and they can directly track the positive impact of their purchase(s).