Brisbane Tool Library

Started in 2017. the Brisbane Tool Library (BTL) is the first tool library, or “library of things”, in Queensland and the first and only tool library in Australia to be located in a public library (State Library of Queensland).

The Brisbane Tool Library provides access to thousands of tools, camping gear, sport equipment and much more. Moreover, it offers workshops and events to upskill and empower the community. Brisbane Tool library aims at building a socially just and environmentally sustainable degrowth (postgrowth) society by promoting the sharing of resources and skills that improve the resilience of communities.

The Brisbane Tool Library circular model allow people to save money and space, while reducing their environmental footprint. The circular economy built across Brisbane allows to reduce consumption and waste. Most importantly, the Brisbane Tool Library aims at contributing to a systemic change, shifting away from the growth-driven economy.

The work undertaken by the Brisbane Tool library (BTL) contributes to build a society based economic degrowth, in which social and ecological well-being are prioritised over growth and profitability. The Brisbane Tool Library reduces the use of virgin resources, avoids GHGs emissions and reduce waste by stimulating high-quality reuse in the community. Moreover, BTL, upskills and motivate the community to make, repair and recycle.