Brunswick Tool Library

Brunswick Tool Library was founded to challenge disposable culture and the idea people need to buy or own everything. BTL saves tools from landfill and shares them with the community to make it easier for people to repair, restore and upcycle.

Workshops and monthly Repair Cafes provide spaces where experienced fixers can connect with curious novices, so that we can work towards eliminating waste from our communities together. For an affordable annual membership, BTL members gain access to over a thousand tools for gardening, woodwork, metalwork, car and bicycle mechanics, sewing, electrical, painting and heaps more. Best of all, BTL is a member owned, volunteer run organisation which means that a BTL offers a real sense of community. Start borrowing tools to save money, save space at home, and save old stuff from landfill!

We're fighting climate change by:

  • Giving people in our community access to shared resources so they need to buy less
  • Diverting resources, such as tools and other hardware, from landfill by accepting them as donations
  • Spreading knowledge of repair, so that people in our community can fix things instead of throwing them away, and become more educated buyers.