Cutlery Carriage

In high school, I used to make these delicious lunches that required cutlery (goodbye boring old sandwich, I thought to myself, genius). However, my mum had different plans! She refused to let me take the kitchen cutlery in case I would lose it and ruin her 12-piece cutlery set! So, in high school I was resigned to eating my gourmet meal with plastic cutlery.

Once in university and in a house of my own, complete with my very own cutlery drawer, I'd throw caution to the wind, (if you lose it you can replace it, I would tell myself), and would transport it in a plastic bag to and from university. Resulting in many replaced forks and spoons and after researching the issue; I found that plastic cutlery is damaging to the environment and that the plastic bags that I was so willingly using were not biodegradable and were going into landfill where they would sit for 10-20 years to decompose.

Studying a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Entrepreneurship at RMIT, I began my Cutlery Carriage journey and launched the business in my final semester. The great news is that now the good cutlery comes with its very own caseā€¦