Defy Design

We started as a travelling factory with small machines that easily explained the recycling process by seeing it in action. We would set up at markets and schools and run tours of how used plastic can transform into a useful beautiful plastic product. As people supported us and recommended new products we now recycle plastic at a larger scale and manufacture products for a range of different uses.

We partner with local businesses keeping our waste streams local such as picking up milk bottles from local cafes and hair salons. We always like to keep education as part our service as its crucial for the success of recycling and improve humankinds relationship with material goods.

The fabrication of products requires energy, so does the transportation of waste. By recycling locally you reduce the carbon emissions from transportation. Using recycled plastic means that you do need to extract oil a deritive of petroleum, you also avoid the emissions from refining it into plastic. We are hoping to run our machines on renewable power and by purchasing our plastic you are helping us save enough to eventually achieve this.