Eloka Soul Sista

Born from necessity - 60,000 years of cultural knowledge – a desire to inspire connections to creativity, community and to ourselves – and the passion of a proud Wiradjuri woman – Eloka Soul Sista is a no bullshit, certified organic approach to getting our shit together and making the absolute most of our lives.
Eloka is here to evoke the Goddess within – to encourage you to express your thoughts and ideas while chasing your dreams and falling in love with yourself. Eloka will fill your life with generosity, fun, laughter favourable conditions and an optimistic outlook on life. She inspires confidence and is the embodiment of being passionate and having pride in who you are and all that you do.
She is rooted in a sacred connection to our Mother Earth and invites you to connect with her – her the planet, to your core purpose, to the communities that will lift you up, and most importantly to yourself.
Eloka is here to nourish your mind, body and spirit while fostering, encouraging and nurturing a meaningful connection to our land’s culture, history and power.
Sustainably, Eloka:

It’s no secret that our beautiful planet is under threat and Eloka wants to do everything within her power to protect Mother Nature and leave the smallest possible impact. By sourcing 100% natural, organic, native ingredients locally, Eloka Soul Sista not only cuts the bullshit and nasties – she also reduces her carbon footprint and uses 100% carbon neutral shipping, uses recycled and biodegradable packaging and encourages a profound respect for and connection to Mother Earth.