Feel Good Ink

Feel Good Ink started shortly after returning home from hospital with a new baby — and 5,000,000,000 “It’s a Girl!” cards. Australians send a lot of greeting cards. In fact, it works out to be about 22 cards per person per annum. Millions of dollars are being wasted — and that’s before we even bring the trees into it. We know 95% of Australians prefer to purchase socially conscious and sustainable products, so digital cards that save money and save the environment just makes sense for those at Feel Good Ink. But Feel Good Ink thought cards could do even more.

By partnering with charities with incredible causes and adding on donations, they transformed the humble card into a vehicle for change. Between all those celebrations, commiserations and your most special moments, by using Feel Good Ink you could make a helluva lot of change. Imagine the impact we could have on the planet, and people in need, if we simply changed the way we sent and stored our cards? Feel Good Ink cards cost you a small sum of $5 all up — that includes $3 for the card, and a $2 donation to charity. Users have the option to bump up their donation knowing that 100% go's directly toward the charity of their choice.

We are 100% digital and have zero waste. Our product is designed to encourage users to purchase their greeting cards through our digital platform from the comfort of their own home instead of heading out to the shopping centre or newsagent which can be a timely and energy consuming task.