Hepburn Distillery

Hepburn Distillery began with the idea of local, sustainable and unique. We live in a region blessed with volcanic soil, mineral water and world-class organic and chemical-free producers.
Inspired by the range of local products and the opportunities for collaboration and foraging, we decided to create a range of spirits that reflected the essence of our region.

Having worked in the sustainability industry for many years, every decision from packaging materials, the source of our water, how we handle waste and energy and how we share our products has been considered. Our goal is to create premium spirits that tread very gently on the earth.

At Hepburn Distillery we generate our own solar energy and supplement this with purchasing 100% carbon neutral energy.
Wherever we can we source locally grown produce for our spirits to reduce food miles and support local farmers and small scale growers. Where we cannot source local products, we offset all our emissions with biodiverse, local tree-planting projects. In addition to these measures we plan to plant 1 tree for every litre of product we sell in the 2021 - 22 financial year to help offset the emissions load already being experienced on the planet.