JuJu was founded in 2009 by Brenda Tootell, who was driven by her desire to provide individuals with period care product.

Using just 5 tampons or pads a day for 5 days means a person will use 300 disposable period products in a year. And with this, it is estimated a menstruating human will use an astounding 11,000 disposable tampons or pads in their lifetime! Used disposable period products, along with their packaging, contribute greatly to our landfill and can take a long time to biodegrade with pads taking 500-800 years to decompose. Disposables can also end up in our waterways, littering oceans and beaches and causing harm to wildlife. Vast quantities of resources; land, water and pesticides are required to grow cotton for these products. Chemicals are often used to bleach cotton and greenhouse gasses emitted when they are produced and transported. Only to be used once, then thrown away. Reusable period products like menstrual cups, cloth pads and period underwear are reusable - they are better for our bodies, our environment and more economical.

JuJu provides individuals with reusable period care products including menstrual cups, cloth pads and absorbent underwear.