Little Bumble

I’m Laura, a proud Gippslandian, wife, busy mum of two little ones and founder of Little Bumble. While on maternity leave, I was increasingly frustrated at food and plastic pollution in my own home. I put my science skills to use and developed an all-natural formula that produced premium reusable food wraps.

Imagine keeping cut avocados fresh for up to 2 weeks, cucumbers 3 weeks and celery 5 weeks! Well now you can with Little Bumble wraps! In our wraps food breaths and keeps fresh for significantly longer, so you get to enjoy eating it all! We are proud to be going above and beyond in solving the 10 billion dollar food wastage crisis in Australia, and we are mentioned by Choice as food wrap stars.

It is as simple as wrap, rinse, and reuse for fresher food for longer! We offer both beeswax and plant-based wraps. Our wraps last for up to a year (or 2!) and can be refreshed to keep them going strong! Even make at home with our no-grate DIY kit. When you're investing in a sustainable food storage solution you will not find better quality than Little Bumble: Food storage that won’t cost the earth!