Luna and Sun

Luna and Sun was founded in 2019 with the goal of being part of the better solution in the fashion industry. The founder Teshani McManus spent a very long time researching every aspect of her label to ensure that Luna + Sun leads the way in sustainable and ethical fashion in Australia.

Luna and Sun is ethically made in Australia with the Ethical Clothing Australia accreditation. They are cruelty-free and they are addressing several of the UN Sustainable Development goals as they are committed to being one of the most sustainable fashion labels in Australia.

They also offer their customers a take back program to ensure any Luna and Sun clothes that can’t be mended, swapped or up-cycled can be taken back and recycled.


- Goal One: Eradicating Poverty

-Goal Five: Gender Equality

- Goal Twelve: Responsible Consumption and Production

- Goal Thirteen: Climate Action

- Goal Fourteen: Life Below Water

- Goal Fifteen: Life on Land