Ooooby Sydney

Enter the code 1MWMARKET when you sign up to Ooooby and you will receive a $20 credit on your account and 1 Million Women will receive $10 to help us continue our critical work empowering women and girls across the globe to act on climate change.

When Murat started Ooooby Sydney, he did this predominantly for himself. He was 26, not really comfortable with who he was and at a turning point in his life. So he embarked on a quest of wanting to create an environment in which he felt fulfilled, and in which:

  • People care for each other.
  • He and those alongside him feel confident, empowered and eager to become the best version of themselves.
  • People do not feel like they are fighting for their existence or for status, but a place in which they feel safe and work together towards a common good.
  • We think beyond ourselves and work towards the betterment of humanity and ultimately ourselves.
  • Everyone is as important, and feels as such, as the person standing next to them.

Ooooby Sydney are transforming our food system to the better so it becomes fair and just for all and are environmental conscious in all their doings. They create transparency around the food we eat and deliver weekly produce that is plastic-free, locally sourced, organic and in support of local farmers.

Ooooby Sydney believe that we, including you, are the ones shaping our future and that if we do act now, if we do come together as the people and the businesses that concentrate on solutions rather than problems, we can flip the whole world around to truly make life better for everyone. The risk? That we will end up enjoying it together.

In the 7 years since inception, Ooooby Sydney have continually worked on improving their environmentally conscious practices leaving no food waste, collecting their boxes for reuse, allowing you to order plastic-free bulk groceries such as nuts, seeds, dried fruits, teas and so much more. Ooooby Sydney work with integrity and foster a beautiful work environment and community at large. They connect farmers to city folk, give back and care for their community in ways of food donations to Food Rescue Organisations as well as to those vulnerable directly. Throughout the pandemic giving back was their first priority, distributing $114,000 worth of food from April to September 2020.

Coming together they do mean in literal sense. Their goal is to have Ooooby Sydney fully community owned, to allow us all to have greater connection to our food and farmers by owning and continue building our ethical food system and infrastructure together.