People of the Earth

People of the Earth is founded by long time friends Freja and Julia.

Every ingredient is considered for its social and ecological impact every step of the way- from production to use in waterways.

"When you spend time in the ocean, you can’t help but develop a relationship with her.... I remember when I started surfing in earnest there were times when I was sitting on my board and I couldn’t tell where my body ended and the Ocean began... There was such a reverence in this feeling and a deepening awareness of my part-as a part of nature... These experiences and relationships compel me to be a better citizen of the ecology I am a part of. Here at People of the Earth we strive to honour that connection." -Freja, co-founder.


Ingredients are selected for low impact on the environments they are grown in.

We select keystone species whose cultivation supports native ecosystems. Shea and Cacao being the perfect example of this. We also select ingredients for their low impact on the ecosystems they will end up in, particularly ocean environments. We support co-operatives who use profits to restore & conserve the environment. People of the Earth packaging is 100% Plastic Free. We use aluminium as it is one of the most recycled - and most recyclable - materials on the market today.

Aluminium can be recycled directly back into itself over and over again in a true closed loop. It has the highest rate of recycling of any material.

Our labels do not have a plastic laminate. They will completely decompose.