Pits of Joy

Pits of Joy began as a personal project. I was concerned by how everyday lifestyle decisions became inadvertent contributors to the global environmental crisis. Connecting the dots between single-use packaging, environmental degradation and poor working conditions compelled me to want to do something - I just wasn’t sure where to start.

One thing that was in need of change in my own life was deodorant. Aluminium and chemical-filled deodorant sounded like a host of bad ideas in a bottle, not to mention the plastic waste. But I couldn’t find a natural one that was effective and ethical. So, I decided to create one. Born on the kitchen table of a Melbourne sharehouse in 2018, Pits of Joy is a gender-neutral, natural deodorant that ticks ethical boxes! We use only certified organic, non-GMO ingredients, which helps foster biodiversity and healthier ecosystems. Certification of ingredients ensures worker’s basic rights, and whenever possible we source from businesses that support fair trade principles.

All products are Australian Certified Vegan and Choose Cruelty Free accredited. We’ve packaged the deodorant in reusable, refillable glass jars, and offer incentives for your empties! The labels are recyclable and our postage satchels are home compostable. Each month 10% of our revenue is donated to an NFP that’s working to address the climate crisis, because together we can create change.