Pod Star Nespresso Vertuo Family Pack
Pod Star Nespresso Vertuo Family Pack
Pod Star Nespresso Vertuo Family Pack
Pod Star Nespresso Vertuo Family Pack
Pod Star Nespresso Vertuo Family Pack

Pod Star Nespresso Vertuo Family Pack


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  No plastic. Zero waste.

Check compatibility guide prior to purchase.
Please NOTE: Not compatible with Vertuo Next. Please check your machine prior to purchasing.

The Family Pack gives you the ability to be make multiple coffees with plenty of rich crema at home, without making any waste.

Packaging is compostable. Dispatches from Sydney via our carbon neutral courier.

Shipped in a compostable and recyclable eco cardboard box, the Pod Star Barista Pack also makes a great gift for your coffee loving, and eco-conscious friends and family. 


The Pod Star Family Pack contains:

4 x Pod Star Capsules and Lids (316L Stainless Steel) for Nespresso Vertuo

1 x Stainless Steel Coffee Tamper

1 x Stainless Steel Scoop

200g x Freshly Roasted Star Eco Coffee - capsule grind

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The Pod Star Stainless Steel Coffee Pods are 100% reusable, with stainless steel pods and lids. Made from marine grade (316l) Stainless Steel, they will not rust or deteriorate. 

Star Eco Coffee helps you get started right away with the perfectly ground coffee. Whether it's fairtrade, rainforest alliance, or organic, Star Eco Coffee offers the best single origin and blends.

The Pod Star Stainless Steel Coffee Tamper
Take your coffee making skills up to another level with the Pod Star Solid Stainless Steel Coffee Tamper. Weighing in at 189gms it is perfect for packing your Pod star coffee capsule.

The Pod Star Stainless Steel Scoop
This handy stainless steel scoop is perfect for filling your Pod Star capsules. Simply scoop in the coffee and tamp down with the base of scoop.


The Pod Star capsule for Vertuo is programmed for a short pour, but has similar internal capacity of the mid-sized Nespresso Vertuo single-use pods. You will get to experiment with how long you allow the machine to run, to get the perfect shot. For a long black, run the machine a second time without removing the pod, or for a strong long black fill 2 pods and run both into your cup.

We recommend coffee ground for Stove Top - or buy our Fairtrade and Organic capsule-ground coffee

Results vary depending on how the capsules are used. 

See how easy it is to make a great eco coffee with Pod Star.