Reth!nk has been established to design and create products, largely textile based, that revalue and replace products perceived as single use. All products are hand-made and designed to positively engage the user through motivations that inspire curiosity, joy, care, ‘slowness’, a desire to rethink, question and change everyday perceptions. Products are carefully considered for their impact on environmental, social and cultural aspects across the entire life cycle creating zero negative impact and ideally a positive return – to restore.

Heirloom ReWrap: hand silk-screened gift wrap, printed on organic cotton or reclaimed textiles was a finalist in the 2019 Tasmanian Design Awards.

The overarching objective for reth!nk is to ‘do no harm’ to have zero impact at every stage of the business, across the entire life cycle of a product or service. To this end, reth!nk only produces products that replace single use or limited use products and/or products where reusable sustainable products are not widely available locally/nationally. The design of these products add value, beyond basic functional needs, to promote their longevity through stories, love and care.

Production processes are considered at every stage using only organic or reclaimed materials, organically safe inks, zero green house gas emissions (all energy requirements are either human powered, local solar or state hydro sources), zero pollution of waterways and conservation of water use and zero waste to landfill.