Ripple by Jess
Ripple by Jess

Ripple by Jess

The coral bay collection will be made up of the most colourful pieces found over the entire journey. Coral Bay is home to the most pristine coral that the Great Barrier Reef simply cannot compare to. The Coral Bay collection is meant to represent the bright colours of fish and coral seen nowhere else in the world. Plastic is sorted into the most visually beautiful pieces and recycled in different ways. All materials are used during this process! Everything is packaged in recycled materials and shipped completely plastic free/carbon neutral. 

​This collection also uses plastic rope that is discarded by fisherman at sea. This rope doesn’t break down because it’s made of nylon and makes up about 50 percent of all ocean garbage.

Bezel face: 10mm wide x 10mm length, Earring length: 50mm, Sterling silver

About Ripple by Jess


The entire jewellery line is made from recycled ocean plastic, collected from Australian beaches. In 2019, I spent 60 days cleaning beaches in Western Australia. I drove a van from Esperance to Broome. The trip was just over 2,000kms. Every day I pulled up to a beach and didn't know what to expect. Western Australia in summer is insanely beautiful but the environment is unpredictable and harsh.

This tested and pushed me to my limits, working in 40-degree heat, storms, wind and flies that would drive me insane. I would repeat to myself one sentence:

‘One piece of plastic can kill or injure a thousand animals in its lifetime.’

This is the one fact that inspired me pick up 2,780 pieces of plastic over two months, potentially sparing the lives of over 2 million animals. On the grand scale of things, this number would never put a dent in the actual problem but every single person I met, I would tell them about the journey and they would connect with it one way or another. I'm still in touch with some of them and each of them have changed a habit around plastic after we met.  This is why the brand is called ‘Ripple’, because one conversation can change a person’s life. Awareness is a powerful motivator and should be shared!

One small action can have a ripple effect and I’m stoked to be a part of the waves of change we make as a collective. I can’t save the entire world, I can only tend to the garden I can reach but I’m so happy that I get to dedicate the rest of my life to the best job in the world: cleaning beaches, saving animals and spreading awareness on the devastating effect plastic has on the environment and us.