Rolla Bottle

Rolla Bottle is the original roll small water bottle. It stands tall and functions like a traditional water-bottle when in use and rolls super small when empty. Compact and lightweight it's everything you want in a water bottle rolled pocket sized.

Rolla Bottle is committed to a brighter future by making it easy to say 'NO' to single-use bottles. We contribute 10% our profits to help remove ocean plastic. People who care for the environment, and seek to consume sustainably find Rolla Bottle a perfect water bottles solution – as it makes it easy for them to always carry a water bottle and hence be prepared to say NO to planet damaging single use bottled water.

Rolla Bottle was created by Think Again Sustainable Solutions, a young Australian company founded by two sisters, passionate about protecting our planet. We develop products to make it easy to live our on-the-go, ready for anything way of life, and live lightly without relying on single-use packaging. Rolla is what we came up with when we challenged ourselves to solve the single-use bottle problem and make drinking more sustainable.