Subpod began with a simple idea: make composting a part of everyday life. Subpod believe that if they can do that, they can teach people to love the soil their food comes from, and make the world a little bit better together.

The Subpod® in-garden compost system works with nature, using worms and microbes to compost organic waste without the odours, vermin, mess and hard work of traditional composting. The Subpod® not only disposes of your organic waste, but is also the ‘growth hub’ for your garden. The movement of worms and microbes between your Subpod® and garden bed builds soil fertility and plant health, allowing you to grow nutrient-dense food at home with ease.

Subpod have distributors in Australia, the US, the UK and Europe with delivery ranging from 4-8 business days for a flat-rate of $10 - just be sure to select your country when visiting the Subpod website.

Subpod recommend using their in-garden compost system in a raised bed for optimal results.