The Compostable Designer

What began as an Action Plan for a uni module to design a Compostable T Shirt soon became a reality and driving passion to smash the formula of fast fashion.

Why The Compostable T shirt ?

The cotton T shirt is an environmental disaster with over 2 billion sold every year. Cotton is the crop most heavily sprayed with chemicals in the world, hazardous pesticides are found in water sources also contaminating soil that feeds communities. Lycra & polyesters don't break down and require petroleum to dye.
It was a call to Action change, test fibres through composting & built to last in theory.

1. Build & design with People, Animals & The Environment at the forefront.
2. Design a product from the end of its life & work backwards. Circular Design
3. Begin with the dirt we grow our food. Lets clean up our soil
4. Design protecting our water resources
5. Design & build with great minds & craftsmanship.
6. Compost It. Without contaminating the soil...
7. Australian designed & made.