Tools N Things Library Perth

Tools n Things Library Inc. (TnTL) was first formed by a small group of volunteers as a not-for-profit project in late 2019. It aimed to promote sustainable and connected communities that significantly reduced the negative impact on the environment by sharing resources. It is now an incorporated association offering a community library resource. It lends a wide selection of tools and household equipment, offer a facility that encourages community members, and advocates for sharing physical resources and knowledge. TnTL continues to strive to lay foundations towards a Circular Economy, encouraging repair or re-purpose of items, and sharing of tools and equipment to consume less as a community.

We believe that between us, we have enough. There is no need or want for every person in every household to have the same duplicated tools or equipment that are seldom or seasonally used. We're advocates of "less is more", meaning, that by sharing resources as communities and avoiding duplicating the same items, we can certainly reduce or eliminate all kinds of wastes, from raw materials, manufacturing, costs of purchase, packaging, storage space, repair /maintenance /obsolescence, and end-of-life waste disposal.