Tres Chic Shave Kit TCSK

In 2018 when Liza Michelle, a mother of three, took a trip to the supermarket in search of an appropriate eco-friendly affordable razor, for her teenage daughter, she soon realised there was no such thing on the market.

As a passionate vegan and environmentally conscious woman, the idea of purchasing a packet of plastic, disposable razors for her daughter just didn’t cut the mustard. The shaving creams on offer were not much better; And, to top it off, cosmetic bags, yet again are coated in plastic and synthetic fabrics that last a lifetime in landfill but only a season in the home.

My daughter and I believe, for the sake of our planet, that there is no need to be using these materials any longer. Take a moment to look in your bathroom. What do you see? I’ll bet you see a whole lot of plastic! After a chat with my daughter about what she (and girls like her) wanted and needed, and a consideration of what would benefit the environment and remain accessible for all (any gender, any age), Très Chic Shave Kit was born! And, the best thing about our safety razors is that once you invest in them and with proper care, you will never need to purchase another razor again.