Verve Super

Verve was founded by a community of women to support women to build wealth and use their super to invest in a better world. Verve is one of only a handful of super funds in Australia that don’t invest in fossil fuels. The Fund not only rules out investing in industries like fossil fuels, gambling, tobacco and weapons, but also pro-actively invests in renewable energy, and investments that support women and our communities.

Verve also actively advocates for better retirement outcomes for women and is a natural home for any Australian who wants to use their superannuation to create a better world. People of all genders are welcome to join Verve, but the Fund tailors its products and services towards women.

Verve offers all the regular superannuation services, while also providing services tailored to support members to build wealth, including: a fixed fee pause when members are on parental leave; a support squad of free coaches; and regular online and in person learning experiences to support members to build financial knowledge and skills.