Wayapa Wuurrk

"I believe that we are all Earth people, some are just more disconnected than others. As a descendant of the Original People, it is my responsibility to share my connection to the Earth as my Ancestors did and teach others how to respect and care for it, to heal it and let it heal us. So that is why I created Wayapa."

In 2014, Jamie Marloo Thomas, a proud GunaiKurnai man and Maara descendant, and Sara Jones, a Welsh Canadian Australian, created Wayapa Wuurrk®, which translates to "Connect to the Earth". Wayapa is an internationally-accredited and trademarked Earth Mindfulness Action modality that provides an accessible starting point to leading a consciously-connected, ecological lifestyle. Based on ancient ways of knowing, doing and being for a modern world, Wayapa combines earth mindfulness with movement meditation, storytelling and taking action to create Earth Mind Body Spirit Well-being.

Wayapa is a very inclusive practice for people of all ages, capacities and backgrounds. Wayapa has been shared to to a wide variety of audiences including child care centres, schools, government departments, corporate organisations, the prison system, community groups and the health care sector. Jamie, Sara and the certified Wayapa Practitioners are passionate about helping people tap into their ancestral knowledge to create purpose, belonging and intergenerational well-being for a healthier, more connected people & planet.