Woohoo Body

We (Aaron and Phoebe - husband and wife from Newcastle NSW) are self-confessed mix-a-holics. Mixing our own products was our secret obsession. Add a generous dash of passion for health and wellness, and out popped our first Brand, Happy Skincare, in 2010 (all natural, vegan skincare).

So there we were, living the health-obsessed mix-a-holic’s dream. But not quite. Aaron had always struggled with using deodorants as they caused irritation - usually uncomfortable redness and itchiness. There was only one brand that he could use but it was far from natural. Aaron’s experience was the same as most people looking for natural deodorants. They performed very poorly with all the usual complaints. They were wet and sticky, didn’t work long enough and didn’t smell that great.

After much trial and error we formulated our own and it worked a treat - Woohoo! Woohoo All Natural Deodorants are the best thing that will ever happen to your armpits. End of story. It's the healthy, toxin-free alternative to antiperspirant deodorants that will keep you BO free all day long. It's 100% natural, 100% cruelty free, 100% plastic free, vegan, and Aussie made by Aaron and Phoebe.