Zero Co

Single-use is stupid, refill instead.

This Aussie start-up taking on the big brands has already inspired more than 24,000 households to wave bye-bye to single use plastic in their kitchen, laundry and bathroom. Zero Co's plant-based formulas are poured into refillable bottles made of ocean-waste plastic.

When you need a top up, you simply order refill pouches that are delivered straight to your door. The best part is: your order comes with a pre-paid envelope as the pouch can easily be returned, cleaned and used over and over and over again.

Cleaning up the ocean, and stopping the production of single-use plastic at the same time!

Our forever-bottles and reusable refill pouches are made from plastic waste diverted from oceans, beaches and landfill. The pouches are designed to be refilled and reused over and over and over again. Every refill equals one less new-plastic-bottle being made, used once and thrown away.