Bank Australia

Bank Australia is the bank for people who want to be part of a movement creating a world where people and the planet can thrive. We do this by using the business of banking as a force for good so you can be confident that your money is being used for good and not harm.

We don’t invest in harmful industries like fossil fuels, live animal exports or gambling. Instead, we focus on lending to in renewable energy, not for profits and individual customers – like you. Because we’re owned by our customers, we care about what's important to them. As a leading certified B Corp we do business differently. We advocate for and invest in a better future to inspire a movement of people using money as a force for good to create a better world.

We offer all your regular personal and business banking services. But we use the business of banking as a force for good, including to reduce your banking footprint: we’re carbon neutral, run on 100% renewable electricity, and offset our car loans and construction loans at our world-first Conservation Reserve.