Gold Coast Tool Library

Do you find yourself wishing you had that super handy tool but you know you’d only use it once or twice per year. Is your home overflowing with household goods you hardly use and you wish you could claim your space back. Do we need to, or even want to own all these items we rarely use? What if we had these items in a central borrowing library for community use?

From this idea the Gold Coast Tool library was formed to create a sharing platform for the community to borrow hand and power tools, gardening tools, sporting goods, camping gear, musical instruments and a host of other super useful but only occasionally needed household items.

Every item we consume comes with an energy debt so by reducing unnecessary consumption and sharing what we have instead, we can reduce our local community's carbon footprint. There are also many people who can't afford to buy all the items they would like to use or do not have the room to store them. A tool library solves these problems, just borrow what you need.

Why buy when you can borrow. Tool Libraries, or often called Libraries of Things offer access to hundreds of really useful household items to borrow what you need, when you need it. By collaboratively sharing our resources we can build a more socially equitable and planet friendly society.