Inner West Tool Library Sydney

The Inner West Tool Library is Sydney’s first community sharing library - all about access over ownership. Why buy a drill when you really just need a hole in the wall? Why buy a tent when you use it only once a year? By sharing resources, we can lower costs across the community and contribute to great environmental benefits.

Our ethos is bringing together the idea of sharing as a way to reduce waste, save people money and space, and to help build a more connected and resilient community. We also educate and engage the community to think about their consumption behaviour and be an advocate for waste avoidance.

The Inner West Tool Library is a community resource; an open and inclusive space where anyone in the community can be part of; either through being a volunteer, or becoming a member.

We are a 100% volunteer run community organisation set up to allow residents to access hundreds of tools and useful things you only use once or twice a year - an innovative and impactful way for people to waste less and reuse resources that already exist.