Sistas and Salt

I started Sistas and Salt to help other Aboriginal women and youth. As a young Aboriginal woman I dealt with many challenges and really struggled with confidence and identity and how I fitted in this world. I became strong in culture and education and I want that opportunity given to all of our Aboriginal women.

Sistas and Salt provides mentoring and workshops for Indigenous women and youth in wellbeing, culture and ocean conservation. As well as running a group called Saltwater Sistas which is a small group of Indigenous women and youth on the Coffs Coast who meet monthly and promote ocean conservation, learn about the eco system and do beach cleanups.

My business is about wellbeing, culture and ocean conversation. Aboriginal culture is about looking after the land. When you protect and look after the land it takes care of you, you have good wellbeing and life flows. I teach ocean conservation and how to live naturally and cultivate good wellbeing through ocean, culture and nature. I provide workshops and mentoring for Indigenous women and youth online, on the Coffs Coast and can travel.