The Better Packaging Co.

When The Better Packaging Co.'s founders, Becs and Kate, set out to design a more sustainable courier satchel they were looking to make something better, hopefully much better, than the single-use plastic PE mailers that had become the default packaging for eCommerce. What they developed was a home compostable mailer - just as tough, waterproof and durable as plastic, but with one major difference; this material would decompose in a matter of months rather than sticking around for hundreds of years! They made them matte black, communicated their point of difference in a quirky but effective way and the rest is history.

Turns out a whole lot of other people, people trying to run their own businesses more ethically and sustainably, had been desperately looking for a better solution for eCommerce packaging too. Many now talk about the guilt and disappointment they used to feel at having to put their beautiful products into plastic for shipping.

Instead, the Better Packaging Co.'s range makes it super easy and affordable for their shipping to be plastic free with not just their mailers (comPOST Packs), but also garment bags (comPOLY Bags), courier labels (comPOST Labels), padded mailers (comPOSTubble Bags) and more.

The Better Packaging Co. makes the most cutting edge, sustainable materials accessible and affordable for businesses of all sizes. We do the R&D, the testing, the production, all our customers have to do is chose to come on the journey with us!