The Share Shop (Newcastle NSW)

Why Share? How much of your house is full of items that you rarely need? How many times have you bought something to use only once or twice? Us too. That’s exactly why we've created The Share Shop - A Library of Things in Newcastle NSW.

It’s a way to help you spend less on things you rarely need, and use less space to store items in your home. We want to reduce waste and stop useful things ending up as landfill. Borrowing instead of buying also gives you the opportunity to try new things before you invest in equipment.

As part of the Pachamama community we work with other groups to provide a vibrant hub where you can learn and share and reduce your environmental footprint.

For a small membership fee, members can borrow items instead of owning them, reducing waste and costs they may otherwise incur. We also accept donations of items in good condition to expand the inventory and avoid them going to landfill. Items available to borrow include garden tools, power tools, baking pans, musical instruments, board games, camping equipment, party supplies, medical aids and much more.