Walumarra Relaxing Scented Eye Pillow
Walumarra Relaxing Scented Eye Pillow

Walumarra Relaxing Scented Eye Pillow

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Life can be pretty stressful, amirite! ; there are so many things to do, people to look after, bills to pay and then usually at the bottom of the list is you. 

It’s time to change that and take some deep breaths and relax - just imagine lying down with a softly scented eye pillow subtly adding weight over your eyes and completely blocking out the light, you gently inhale the sweet lavender and the stress melts away.

Our eye pillows are lightly scented with lavender and handmade with lots of love and care.

Hot Tip: on a hot day or if you suffer migraines, put your eye pillow in the freezer for about an hour before use. Place cooled pillow over your eyes.


Each pillow made from 100% cotton and is filled with a calming blend of earthy organic flaxseed (linseed) and dried lavender blossoms.

About Walumarra (formerly Waste Free World)

Walumarra was created from a passion to preserve our environment by reducing the waste that ends up in landfill and contributes to climate change.

Sam is a mum with two kids and wants to make sure they (and the generations that follow) have a world to conquer.


She started her own waste reduction journey when she looked around at the waste produced by her family....it was a lot!


She quickly realised big impacts can be made by switching to reusable plastic free products. Therefore she wanted to create a shop that had affordable options for people also wanting to reduce their waste.


She admits it isn't easy at times to reduce your waste - but she is on a mission to succeed and to help others succeed too. 

As an Indigenous woman, she is also very passionate about supporting other local and Indigenous businesses and artists - so all their stock is sourced locally in Australia. This is to support the local communities and reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible.