Amor Luminis 2 in 1 -  Plastic Free Compostable Container (Mint Sorbet)

Amor Luminis 2 in 1 - Plastic Free Compostable Container (Mint Sorbet)

2 in 1 Container - In Shower & Travel

Prolong the life of your bars and keep them safe when travelling, whether it is for your next getaway or just a quick trip to the gym.

Easy to use our multifunctional container are made from bamboo and corn starch and comes together with a bamboo insert and a sisal bag (from the agave plant)! Yes they are completely plastic free.

The container is specially designer to fit 2 Amor Luminis product.

It will last a number of years and at the end of its life, just bury it safely in the soil. Full decomposition will take around 1.5 years.

**Shampoo and Conditioner in Picture are not included

How to use and take care of your container

  1. Use inside the shower for easy access, without the fear of your bars turning into mush!
  2. Use only the bamboo insert in or out of the shower if you like to bars naked all the time!
  3. We recommend airing your bars at least once a week (outside the shower), if you are inclined to keep your bars inside the shower for easy access.
  4. Tip water out (if any) after each use.
  5. Tip water out, close lid and put in your sisal bag for an quick dash at the gym or your next getaway with the peace of mind that you bars will be safe (no chance of your bars falling out of the container).
  6. Clean out any residue before using your next bar.

About Amor Luminis

Amor Luminis is Latin for ‘love & light’. Their mission is to help you kiss goodbye to plastic in your beauty routine, without compromising on quality. Amor Luminis' team is passionate about everything that they set their hearts in. Feel and experience their uniqueness which will bring light to your path in leading an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Amor Luminis products come in solid form. They are even better than what you would buy in a bottle with no transition period, they just look different, and are concentrated & lightweight. Don't be fooled by their size they are long-lasting. Amor Luminis' range of haircare, skincare, and baby care products are of the highest quality with clean, toxin-free and planet friendly ingredients that are naturally derived.

The products have been professionally formulated to be effective with a luxurious feel, better for you and the planet. They are 100% Australian owned and made, certified Vegan and Cruelty-free and tested from their circle of family and friends. 1% of all the sales go to to help regreen the planet.