Eloka Soul Sista Peaceful Oil

Eloka Soul Sista Peaceful Oil

Oh Goddess, we all have those days where life just hands our arse to us. 

You know the days I’m talking about… 

The ones where everything that could go wrong, does go wrong. The ones that have you run off your feet and leave you feeling drained, depleted and just damn downhearted. Eloka hears you girl – trust me – and is here to help.


Peaceful Oil is a warm hug and a gentle whisper reminding you that you’re a bad bitch, and this too will pass. It clears away any remaining bullshit, let’s down your hair and fills you with the confidence and reassurance to pick yourself back up and keep thriving – but not before a deep, restorative night’s sleep!


Soul Sista Suggestion: 

Add 4-5 drops of Eloka’s Peaceful Oil to your diffuser and run a nice hot bath Goddess! While you’re waiting for her to fill up, grab your Bath Salt Magic, your favourite face mask, grab a cup of chamomile tea and get your bed ready. Now all that’s left is to slip in and sink into a deep relaxation!