Eloka Soul Sista Beautiful Dreams Bath Salt

Eloka Soul Sista Beautiful Dreams Bath Salt

For the days that just leave you feeling "blah" - Beautiful Dreams will wash away any negative emotions and energies that have attached their dark, rainy clouds to you to reveal the powerful Goddess within.

This intoxicating aroma feels like a full body massage right before bed - it will release the tension throughout your body, leaving you floating on a cloud of serenity and ready for the best sleep of your life. 

Good luck keeping your eyes open once your head hits that pillow babe, those eyelids will be heavy and beautiful dreams are waiting for you!

Soul Sista Suggests: 
To drift of to an instant Dreamland, add 5-8 scoops of Beautiful Dreams Bath Salt Magic to a soothing warm bath with a couple of drop of Peaceful Oil, throw in a Lavender face-mask and leave your day at the door for the a restful slumber!

Ingredients: Epsom Salt, Australian Salt, Coconut Oil, Bi-carb, Lavender, Rose, Ylang Ylang, Cedarwood, Frankincense and Rosella Petals. Approx 200g 

"Caution WARNING" Do not ingest, avoid contact with eyes, keep out of reach from children, do not use on animals, caution with use with pregnancy. If you are sensitive to ingredients above do not use!