Dr Planet's Castile Rescue Range

Dr Planet's Castile Rescue Range

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Dr Planet Castile Soap is one liquid soap formula that your body, clothes, dishes, home and pets can all bathe in this one rich and thick miracle lather. Who say's cleaning cannot be luxurious and healing at the same time?

Handmade with Victorian Olive Oil and pure essential oil blends for optimum health and cleaning benefits Dr Planet is also vegan and palm oil free, Once you try it your washing habits will never be the same and your cupboards will lose all the clutter.

Complete your eco transition in one fell swoop with Dr Planet's Castile Rescue Range!

Keep one bottle Dr Planet for the bathroom to use as a:
- Body Wash
- Hand Wash
- Shampoo
- Bathroom all Purpose Cleaner
- Toilet Cleaner

One bottle of Dr Planet for the laundry to use as a:
- Laundry Liquid for Your Washing Machine
- Laundry Soaker
- Laundry Spot Cleaner

One bottle of Dr Planet for the kitchen to use as a:
- Dishwashing Liquid
- Dishwasher Liquid for your Machine
- Fruit and Veg Wash
- All-Purpose Spray

For the rest of the home, Dr Planet can be used as a Floor Cleaner, Pet Shampoo and Car Wash. That is 15 products and bottles that Dr Planet can replace!

Our Rescue Range has 3 x 500ml pump bottles of Peppermint and Lavender, Sweet Orange and Litsea and Unscented (you can add your own essential oils to our unscented) a bottle each for the bathroom, laundry and kitchen.

Dr Planet's economy has good old fashioned honest to goodness affordability and value. Run your whole household of 4 members with just 500mls of Dr Planet's miracle lather for 1 week. No other cleaning products required.

Our 500ml is made from Australian Recycled PET bottles with a locally printed vinyl label that is water and UV resistant so that you can keep reusing our pump bottle for years. They will keep up appearances on your counter. Just order refills to have your own bulk refill station at home and send back the refill bottle via our Return 2 Refill programme when you are done and we service and send it back out into the world to carry on Dr Planet's good work. 

Weight: 1.75kg

Size: 30cm x 25cm x 10cm

About Dr. Planet

Chris' was thrown into the deep end of her low tox journey after her son was born with serious allergies 13 years ago. Frustrated by eco products that were international, expensive and had so much single use packaging started Chris and Michael's Dr Planet journey to make a single use soap that was beautiful, effective and safe for their family and land in the Yarra Valley.

Searching high and low for artisan soap makers, they learned their craft from many of these generous elders who thought their time was done with their wonderful recipes. Dr Planet was honed down to be local whole ingredient orientated and to hark back to a time with a wholesome pure soap clean, smell and feel was enjoyed.

Dr Planet's vintage and fun vibe is a tribute to simple old fashioned values of kindness, and quality that we're proud of with a healthy dose of humour and joy!

Snake oil you ask? Nay, what is old is new again! One handmade soap is all that is required. The good doctor's elixir. Day-to-day chores become an opportunity for a medicinal aromatherapy hit and to bask in the sublime Doctor Planet fragrances. Roll up, roll up and do away with the modern ages paradigm of a different soap for every part of the home. Do away with feelings of de-humanising sanitation. Welcome to the soul stirrings, welcome the traditional, welcome the hand-made, welcome loving care, welcome change and say hello to Doctor Planet!

Like and Share to join us on the Dr Planet's road to health and vitality for our bodies, homes and our planet. Vegan and palm oil free!