Pod Star Starter Pack
Pod Star Starter Pack
Pod Star Starter Pack

Pod Star Starter Pack

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Pod Star Starter Pack contains everything you need to switch to reusable pods:

  • 2 x high quality reusable stainless steel coffee pods and 2 reusable stainless steel lids
  • 1 x high quality stainless steel scoop
  • 200g x Organic Blend Coffee “It’s Bean A Long Time"
  • Carbon neutral delivery, compostable packing

Weight: 490g

Size: 23.5cm (l) x 15cm (w) x 9.5cm (h)

About Pod Star

Pod Star’s mission is to reduce waste from millions of single-use pods being disposed of each day. The problem is huge - coffee pods seem so small that one pod wouldn’t make much difference. But one pod, becomes more than 55 million pods disposed daily when everyone’s use is included.

Life partners, Kirsten and Mark found a solution with a stainless steel reusable pod and lid for Nespresso machines. Filling your own pods and using the coffee grounds in your garden made much more sense than constantly buying and throwing away single-use pods.

At the request of pod users, Pod Star then designed the first stainless steel multi-pod that fits Aldi Expressi, Caffitaly and Starbucks Verismo machines. Their recent design for Espressotoria machines, was again requested by eco-focussed coffee lovers with no alternative. These patented designs help owners of pod machines make great coffee at home with no waste.

The family business has a zero plastic focus, and a zero waste focus, Pod Star products are designed for lifetime use. No need to buy extra parts, Pod Star is dedicated to the highest quality products for life.