Babs Bodycare - Natural Deodorant Tester Pack
Babs Bodycare - Natural Deodorant Tester Pack

Babs Bodycare - Natural Deodorant Tester Pack

New to natural deodorants?   Babs Natural Deodorant work by neutralising the odour causing bacteria without blocking pores with nasty ingredients.  This allows you to sweat and expel toxins but keeps you smelling fresh and feeling dry.

Our organic deodorant pastes contain nourishing shea and cacao butter to moisturise, tapioca and clay to absorb wetness. Coconut oil for it’s naturally anti-bacterial & anti-fungal properties.  And either bicarb or magnesium and charcoal to help neutralise and keep odour at bay.

This deodorant sample pack gives you a chance to try three scents and strengths.
Tea Tree Bicarb Deodorant – the strongest blend
Citrus Bicarb Deodorant – contains soothing and moisturising chamomile and calendula
Geranium & Clary Sage – Bicarb Free Deodorant – for those sensitive to bicarb
Lime & Cedarwood – Bicarb Free Deodorant – with added charcoal

Each sample should give you 5-7 days worth of deodorant.

Great for trialing all scents & strengths.  To travel with, keep in your gym or hand bag or gift to a friend.

We recommend trialing the Bicarb Free Deodorant Pack.
Any changes to the deodorant samples you’d like to try, please leave a note in the comment section of your order.

About Babs Bodycare
Babs Bodycare create a range of natural deodorants & skin care products using pure, natural and certified organic ingredients. Easy to use, affordable & effective Australian-made body & organic skin care products. A strong focus on the environment & reducing chemical exposure has ensured we produce, non toxic, sustainable & cruelty free products.