Asiki Plant & Flower Press
Asiki Plant & Flower Press
Asiki Plant & Flower Press

Asiki Plant & Flower Press

The Asiki Plant & Flower Press is a stylish and sustainably made press designed for preserving the wild wanderings of children and adults alike. 

 Made in Sydney, Australia

 Also included is a large 100% organic cotton net specimen sack, perfect for collecting nature's treasures.

 Exterior made using sustainably sourced plywood. Interior sheets are made from reclaimed cardboard offcuts. Hardware fastenings are made of zinc and stainless steel.

 Size: 148 x 195mm x 40mm

How to use a press.

Handy Hints:

- We use a sheet or two of 'Who Gives a Crap' toilet paper on the bottom and on top of each cardboard layer to absorb extra moisture from the plants and protect the cardboard.

- Plants should not be stacked too high in the press.

- Adjust the pressure with the wing nuts.

- Start with gentle pressure so that the plants and flowers have some air circulation at first. Tighten the press after a few days.

- The whole drying process takes about two weeks.

Pressed flowers and plants can be used for bookmarks, artworks, fairy wings, lamp shades or you could even start your own botanical journal.

End of life: The bag can be used for a multitude of purposes and is biodegradable and home compostable. Press is made up of biodegradable and home compostable components. Screws can be reused and recycled.