Subpod Essentials Bundle
Subpod Essentials Bundle

Subpod Essentials Bundle

Subpod is an in-ground compost system and worm farm. Compost worms and microbes live inside Subpod and turn all the materials you feed them (food scraps, paper, coconut peat) into rich compost.

Over time, nutrients from the compost will feed your garden soil and help your plants thrive.

Subpod Essentials Bundle is the perfect option for a keen gardener! Subpod plants directly into your garden and creates compost right where you need it most, while the Subpod Compost Aerator keeps your system perfectly maintained. We recommend installing Subpod in a raised garden bed for ease of use.

What's included?

1 x Subpod in Garden Compost System

1 x Subpod Compost Aerator

2 x 100% natural jute worm blanket

1 x Detailed instruction manual

Delivered within 4 - 8 business days