Amber Drop Honey - 490 g Coconut Honey

Amber Drop Honey - 490 g Coconut Honey

Ingredients: organic desiccated coconut, raw honey

100% raw honey that we extract, strain and bottle with love for you.

Most of our hives come from rescues that would have been destroyed otherwise. We give them a nice, bright coloured home and place them in one of our apiaries. We only put bees in properties where there is bush and food for them all year round and where there is no use of chemicals.

Our honey comes predominantly from gumtree flowers, but it does change in colour and taste with the seasons.

We post it to you only using recyclable materials. Wherever possible we pack with pre-loved boxes, to minimise our contribution to landfill.

About Amber Drop Honey

This business started as a bit of an accident. Ana's and Sven's intention was to help the plight of the bees as they had been finding out about the incredible amount of losses (in the USA & Europe in particular). Their aim was to have one or two hives in their backyard, but within four months of rescuing colonies, they ended being the proud keepers of 34 hives.

With large quantities of honey and not enough friends to eat it all, they started doing markets on the weekends.

From the very first transaction, they donated 5% of all their gross sales (for the sake of transparency) to Save the Bees Australia.

Over time it became clear to them that the problem was not only with the bees but with the environment, the industry and with the lack of knowledge about bees & honey by the end consumer.

In September 2017 they decided to make Amber Drop Honey their full-time occupation to be able to create a greater impact.