Walumarra Un-paper Towel (set of 6)
Walumarra Un-paper Towel (set of 6)
Walumarra Un-paper Towel (set of 6)

Walumarra Un-paper Towel (set of 6)

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Soggy, un-recyclable paper towels that pollute landfill and our oceans! No thanks!

These un-paper towels (that come in a set of 6) are a great alternative and can be washed and reused over and over again.

Ideal for wiping up spillages, cleaning surfaces and wiping sticky fingers and faces.

You can use an old cardboard paper towel roll to roll your un-paper towels round and slide onto your existing holder. 


The towels are made of one ply absorbent flannelette and therefore naturally cling to each other so you can easily roll them on and off of your paper towel dispenser for easy use and storage. 


Simply wash in your washing machine and dry in the shade. It will become more absorbent with each wash.

About Walumarra (formerly Waste Free World)

Walumarra was created from a passion to preserve our environment by reducing the waste that ends up in landfill and contributes to climate change.


Sam is a mum with two kids and wants to make sure they (and the generations that follow) have a world to conquer.


She started her own waste reduction journey when she looked around at the waste produced by her family....it was a lot! 


She quickly realised big impacts can be made by switching to reusable plastic free products. Therefore she wanted to create a shop that had affordable options for people also wanting to reduce their waste. 


She admits it isn't easy at times to reduce your waste - but she is on a mission to succeed and to help others succeed too.  


As an Indigenous woman, she is also very passionate about supporting other local and Indigenous businesses and artists - so all their stock is sourced locally in Australia. This is to support the local communities and reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible.