Walumarra 100% cotton bags
Walumarra 100% cotton bags
Walumarra 100% cotton bags
Walumarra 100% cotton bags
Walumarra 100% cotton bags
Walumarra 100% cotton bags
Walumarra 100% cotton bags
Walumarra 100% cotton bags
Walumarra 100% cotton bags

Walumarra 100% cotton bags

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You are tired of the single-use plastic bags and want to save the environment, so you are looking for a viable alternative to that ominous choice of plastic!

Well you have found it - these reusable cotton bags can literally be used  thousands of times and they are not just restricted to shopping!

So, what can you use them for? Glad you asked - these bags have sooo many uses:

  • Gifts bags....and then the bag becomes part of the gift.
  • A party bag to fill with all your party bounty and the bag becomes part of it!
  • A bag to hold your shoes....perhaps even your dirty shoes. 
  • A laundry bag to hold your dirty clothes / underwear when you are travelling!
  • A bag for baby toys, nappies, bottles (babies just have so much stuff).
  • A picnic bag (don't have a picnic basket, no worries, pop everything in a cotton bag).
  • A bag to store cleaning products in the kitchen or bathroom.
  • A way to arrange clothes or shoes.
  • A bag to hold wallets, socks, bow ties, headbands and wristbands in the one place.
  • A way to store jewellery, beauty products, game sets (sick of your dominos going missing).
  • Use as shopping bags.
    • Breads
    • Bulk dry ingredients, such as flour
    • Fruit
    • Veg
    • Nuts

Small bags (15cm x 22cm) will fit a box of tea, perfume, makeup, some chocolates, a mug, party favours

Medium bags (24cm x 30cm) will fit a box of chocolates, a item of clothing, a box of Lego, books, a small bottle of alcohol, party favours

Large bags (31cm x 44cm) will fit a sports shoe box size gift, a 1000 piece puzzle


They are made from 100% cotton fabric in gorgeous Indigenous prints, have a drawstring and come in three sizes, small (15cm x 22cm), medium (24cm x 30cm) and large (31cm x 44cm).

For information about each design, please head over to our About Indigenous Fabrics page. 


Wash in a cold washing machine and line dry in the shade.  

About Walumarra (formerly Waste Free World)

Walumarra was created from a passion to preserve our environment by reducing the waste that ends up in landfill and contributes to climate change.


Sam is a mum with two kids and wants to make sure they (and the generations that follow) have a world to conquer.


She started her own waste reduction journey when she looked around at the waste produced by her family....it was a lot! 


She quickly realised big impacts can be made by switching to reusable plastic free products. Therefore she wanted to create a shop that had affordable options for people also wanting to reduce their waste.


She admits it isn't easy at times to reduce your waste - but she is on a mission to succeed and to help others succeed too.  


As an Indigenous woman, she is also very passionate about supporting other local and Indigenous businesses and artists - so all their stock is sourced locally in Australia. This is to support the local communities and reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible.