Waste Free World Shower Cap
Waste Free World Shower Cap
Waste Free World Shower Cap
Waste Free World Shower Cap
Waste Free World Shower Cap

Waste Free World Shower Cap

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Everybody knows showers can leave your gorgeous locks in a frizz. But it doesn't have to spell ruining your do!

Cue these gorgeous, funky shower caps!

There are so many reasons we’re sure you’ll love them:

  • Protects your locks between washes
  • Soft fabrication does not tug on baby hairs
  • Less washing, styling etc means healthier hair
  • Protects your hairline while you remove your makeup
  • Keeps your locks out of your skincare treatments
  • Saves you time and money in keeping your blow dry sleek for longer
  • Long-lasting construction to reduce waste (all those plastic hotel shower caps going to landfill!)
  • Quick dry fabric 


Polyurethane Laminate Fabric is a polyester fabric, backed with a waterproof laminate coating. 

It is lovely and soft with a great durable density, making it strong and reliable whilst still functional and pliable.


Machine wash in a delicates bag or hand wash. Line dry - do not tumble dry. 

About Waste Free World

Waste Free World was created from a passion to preserve our environment by reducing the waste that ends up in landfill and contributes to climate change.


Sam is a mum with two kids and wants to make sure they (and the generations that follow) have a world to conquer.


She started her own waste reduction journey when she looked around at the waste produced by her family....it was a lot! 


She quickly realised big impacts can be made by switching to reusable plastic free products. Therefore she wanted to create a shop that had affordable options for people also wanting to reduce their waste. 


She admits it isn't easy at times to reduce your waste - but she is on a mission to succeed and to help others succeed too.  


As an Indigenous woman, she is also very passionate about supporting other local and Indigenous businesses and artists - so all their stock is sourced locally in Australia. This is to support the local communities and reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible.