Retub Medium Tub
Retub Medium Tub

Retub Medium Tub

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Luxurious borosilicate glass tub with silicone lid plus a thermo-protective outer base. Guide: there are no standard food container sizes in Australia but the most common single-use size bought is 500mL.

The medium size hold up to 640mL. Approx: 17cm x 6cm x 13cm

Corporate Hippie - grey lid with aqua vent

GreenThumb - green lid with pink vent

Bees Knees - yellow lid with grey vent

Clean Seas - blue lid with aqua vent

About Retub

Several years ago, I was working in a busy corporate job and often ate my meals at my desk. Everyday my rubbish bin was full of mostly food packaging waste, despite my efforts to reduce waste (I already used reusable shopping bags, cups and water bottle).

One evening I walked around the office and realised almost everyone's rubbish bin was full of food packaging waste, so I knew a reusable takeaway food container was the missing part of our sustainability armour. The retub was designed to be loved by consumers as well as cafes and has a built-in container exchange program. It's simple, elegant and practical.